Over the festival weekend, City Fictions  took over NOMA  in Manchester. This took the form of a speculative city, one imagined through conjecture and curiosity. Visitors were invited to experience future visions of city life, realised through extraordinary design fictions, art, architecture and family friendly workshops.

Winning Formula was the premiere of a major new art installation and newspaper from 2018 on the future of data and sport, and Data as Culture was a curated programme of data art works by YoHa, James Bridle, thickear and Sam Meech.

We also presented BUQs: Ubiquitous Electronic Life Forms, a swarm of autonomous, electronic lifeforms, communicating with each other, invading surfaces within the built environment and using them for the creation of sounds.

At the RNCM, Emmanuel Biard (EMN) and David Leonard premiered an installation piece built specifically for the Studio Theatre. It features mirrors, mechanics, lasers, optics and new structures, consisting of 2 gigantic circular flexible mirrors sealed into a frame with vacuum pumps.