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About Us

At FutureEverything, we strive to be at the forefront of digital culture, harnessing art and participatory experiences as a lens to reflect on the world around us.

Evolving from an annual festival into a year-round cultural programme, we’re passionate about bringing people together to discover, share and experience new ideas for the future.

Exploring the intersection of technology, art and culture since 1995

Regularly co-commissioning, curating and producing public art and large-scale cultural events

Nurturing talent through residency opportunities and design labs

Creating space for learning and collaboration with organisations and communities to understand complex issues, and co-create possible solutions

Connecting with a global community of artists, technologists, thinkers, and policy makers

Unlocking innovation through research, development, and consultation

Our Values

Creative Collaboration

We build strong and long-lasting relationships with our team, commissioned artists, partners, and audiences, inspiring creativity and developing new and innovative models for engagement along the way.

Open, Honest & Courageous

We pride ourselves on our openness and ability to create supportive environments where ideas can be shared and nurtured. Challenges excite us and we continually strive to be bold, courageous and adventurous.

Ethical & Inclusive

With an understanding of the complexities of intersectionality we champion diversity in all of its forms and work hard to explore diverse processes to reach all audiences from all backgrounds.

Our Agendas and Policies

We create an inclusive culture within our organisation that reflects our values, and where decisions, actions and behaviours are aligned. These agendas have been created in response to Arts Council England /DCMS’ recent Investment Principles. We intend to produce measurable action points, while encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion through the work that we do!

Organisations we've worked with

Arts and Cultural


Local Authorities & Education

Let's talk

All the best projects start with an idea and a conversation. Whatever the size of your organisation and challenge, we can work with you to think about the future. Get in touch and let’s talk!