With a keen focus on expanding the use of open data in technology, Apps for Europe is a support network with a mission to turn data based apps into viable businesses. By implementing Business Lounges at local app contests and hack events across the continent, Apps for Europe is accelerating the relationship between developers and investors, providing innovative pathways to further the use of open data in business.

The culmination of these events is the International Business Lounge at FutureEverything, where the best apps, either invited after a local Business Lounge, or selected from an online competition, will have the opportunity to pitch their idea to win investment for the future development of their product.

In our judging panel are Frank Kresin, Research Director at the Waag Society; Sarah Thirtle, Head of Business Lending Programmes at Creative United; Julia Kloiber, Project Manager at the Open Knowledge Foundation; Lee Tarrant, Chief Development Officer at Digital Catapult, and Daniel Kofler, winner of last year’s Apps for Europe, Bike City Guide.

To view the selected apps and meet the teams behind them, please visit the main exhibition space in the conference venue.