Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and lo-fi artist Ariel Pink returns to Manchester with his seven-piece band, to perform of new work from his latest LP, ‘pom pom’. The release is Ariel Pink’s third studio album for the acclaimed 4AD label, and the first LP without his long-standing group, The Haunted Graffiti.

Cited as ‘LA’s king of pop perversion’, for almost two decades Ariel Pink has been crafting multi-flavoured DIY pop. Having been inspired by the cassette and fanzine culture of 80’s post punk, he has applied its DIY ethic to his unique brand of lo-fi composition. Ariel Pink’s sound is one that evokes the grand experimental avant-pop of the 1970’s – artists like David Bowie, Roxy Music and Frank Zappa – while at the same time forming a new sound that has become influential to a host of contemporary alternative songwriters. Much of Pink’s music features familiar pop melody and memorable hooks, while also embracing unusual time signatures, and experimental instrumentation allowing his songs to melt into dream-like psychedelia. As The Guardian recently described, Pink has a “vision to re-imagine pop music itself”.

“Freak-pop genius” – Boomkat
“One of music’s most notable eccentrics” – Pitchfork

Joining Ariel Pink is Gazelle Twin, whose new release ‘Unflesh’ is an altogether darker turn on her previous synth-driven soundscapes.

The creation of producer, composer and artist, Elizabeth Bernholz, Gazelle Twin’s Cronenberg-inspired craft sits on the dark side of the subconscious. Using costumes and masks to obscure her identity, Gazelle Twin adopts her performative anonymity to cross boundaries of identity, gender and genus.
On her new record, Bernholz says “The idea of ‘unflesh’ is like a shedding of skin. It’s a tearing out of your body down to your skeleton and breaking free.”

“Woozily ethereal industrial-pop” – Dazed & Confused
“Darkly brooding and intensely beautiful” – Gorilla vs Bear