FutureEverything Singapore launched on Thursday 10 September at Singapore’s iconic ArtScience Museum, transforming into a buzzing night destination for another instalment of its cutting edge late evening performance events.

With over 200 people in attendance , the event kicked off with an audiovisual feast by the Zentai Art Project entitled ‘UFO’. Joining Yuzuru Maeda on stage, who appeared in a grey plastic Zentai suit, were musicians Kai Lam, CIRCUITRIP and NZSDLX. Over the proceeding 30 minutes the audience were treated to a soundtrack that moved through passages of blissed out ambient drones to a total body wash of drill ‘n’ bass. The visual elements of the piece were even more surprising as Yuzuru segued from vocal collages through to performing live scenes in tandem with her accompanying films. The performance culminated in the emergence of six Zentai dancers who weaved and wound their way through the audience as we reached a thrilling climax.

The role of body and disguise are also at the core of Gazelle Twins’ work, making it a perfect accompaniment for this double bill, however the comparisons ended abruptly there. Treating the Singapore audience to her debut Asian performance, the set passed by in a flash, with Gazelle Twin stalking and prowling the stage in her now trademark style. In the intimate setting of the ArtScience stage, the music took on an even greater intensity than her recordings, the tight angles of the lighting exposing an even more alien like aspect to her on stage persona.

About the Artists

Gazelle Twin is the creation of British composer, producer and artist, Elizabeth Bernholz. Bernholz’ live performance personas and musical work have gathered critical acclaim internationally since her first full length release in July 2011, leading to a plethora of praise in late 2014 for her most recent release. Led by distinctly visual themes, Bernholz often works collaboratively with other filmmakers, artists and musicians to create live performances of highly visual, stunning and often challenging “horror-pop”.

Joining Gazelle Twin is Singapore based Japanese artist Yuzuru Maeda, who will perform pieces from her Zentai Art Project including ‘UFO concert’, a work which asks the question ‘what if we were the only one in the universe?’. The performance will explore dynamic temperature change, climate change, disasters, and extremes in economy and political conflicts, and where the connection between technology and nature can allow us to feel less alone. Together with CIRCUITRIP + NZSDLX, the music starts in a collection of the voices, ending with the music generated by a handmade circuit-bending plastic bra. In her practise Yuzuru uses Zentai, the Japanese sub-culture to investigate the connection of humans with cosmic energy in the universe as a means to come to terms with one’s living environment. She currently organizes Zentai Art Festival (zentaiart.com) in Singapore and around Asia.