Do you use public transport in Greater Manchester? Would you like to share your thoughts on transport and mobility in the city? Do you think technology can improve bus services in Greater Manchester?

Join us at The Shed – Digital Innovation on 28th October to help improve bus travel in Greater Manchester. This is your chance to have a say on how buses, bus stops and transport information can better serve residents and visitors to the city.

In this workshop your contribution will shape new services, and the role technology plays in Greater Manchester’s transport and mobility offering. Your day to day experiences, insights and opinions will influence the redesign of bus stops and bus service information.

Why you should attend:

  • You will help to shape the future of transport and mobility.
  • You’ll engage in new ways of using public transport
  • You’ll learn new ways of approaching and solving problems through design thinking

Who’s this event for:

  • Residents
  • Public transport users
  • Visitors to Greater Manchester
  • People interested in the future of travel
  • Community Representatives and Volunteers

We encourage participation of members of vision and mobility impaired groups, parents and elderly residents.

CityVerve is Manchester’s Smart City and Internet of Things demonstrator, being introduced on Oxford Road and surrounding areas. A key aim of the project aims to gather feedback from residents and those who use services in the city, including residents, commuters and visitors. This workshop will inform and shape transport services in CityVerve.