Manchester’s internationally lauded lightning rod for avant-garde electronica, Faktion, returns for their annual party at FutureEverything.

Presented by FutureEverything, Faktion and Annex Agency, this unmissable Festival closing party takes place in two parts – beginning at the RNCM, before continuing at Soup Kitchen as we celebrate FutureEverything’s 20th Anniversary until the morning hours.

Offering a crucial selection of rhythm based electronic arts; strafing discorelated sounds from the rude radiophonics of NTS host and producer Beatrice Dillon through to next dimension dynamics from PAN star M.E.S.H and Bloom‘s gyroscopic grime.

Beatrice Dillon will perform a DJ set at RNCM 10.30pm-11.30pm, followed by further, longer slots at Soup Kitchen alongside M.E.S.H and Bloom from 11pm-4am.

At the vanguard of instrumental grime, Bloom’s productions have not so much ripped up the rulebook, as turned it into a 3D tesseract.

Beatrice Dillon is best known as an adroit and deeply knowledgeable DJ thanks to her acclaimed mixtape series and NTS radio show. Dillon has recently debuted as a producer and composer with the ‘Blues Dance’ tape and the ADA Project with Rupert Clerveux, commissioned by Conrad Shawcross, presenting her musical response to a choreography of dancing robots.

M.E.S.H makes temporal rifts in the textural rhythms of modern dance music with his razor sharp and diffuse productions. A resident of the pivotal Janus club events in Berlin, his ‘Scythians’ EP for PAN marked the high point of forward electronic dance music in 2014, gliding between techno, outernational rhythms and vaporous trap with a hyperlucid vision.