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Nyloïd is a sound and sculptural installation that explores the boundaries between the organic and the mechanical. Taking the shape of a huge nylon tripod, its sculptural form is animated by sophisticated mechanics and sound. The movements and sounds of the work give it a sense of life, and it appears as a living, tortured creature with a seemingly sentient desire for freedom, trapped by mechanical constraints.

This work constitutes a new stage in the research of artist duo Cod.Act. During the development of the piece, the artists conducted new investigations into creating organic properties using plastics and sound. These materials are combined to form this fascinating object: a life form created by mechanics and sound processing.

Cod.Act are one of the most acclaimed names working in new media art today. Their work uses sound and robotics, and has gained accolades from Ars Electronica, Japan Media Arts Festival, and more. Their artistic productions include performances and interactive installations, and presents the audience with a reflection on the interactions between sound and movement.

1st Prize, Concours Culture Numérique 2013 – Pour-cent culturel Migros

Images: © Xavier Voirol