НИИ Communication (Communications Research Institute) was a two day workshop in partnership with Nothing Specialists that gathered together professionals from various fields to explore and prototype new forms of communication for a post-internet society.

The workshop followed a set design process, where teams worked in parallel, presenting their work to each-other after each stage. Each day was a full cycle – from discovering the topic, to defining the problems, and then developing a set of possible tools and solutions.

Day one of the workshop was dedicated to research. The teams exploreed the theme, evaluated the problems and technicalities and then applied their thinking to a Russian cultural context. Each team then created a draft of their chosen project. The outcome was a detailed model of ‘communication for a post-internet society’.

On day two, each team developed a prototype application of this model using the research findings from day one. Participants used a wide range of prototyping methods – and were encouraged to present explorations and speculative designs grounded in their own experience and knowledge.

A selected team will be invited to share their findings with global community at the FutureEverything Festival in Manchester in Feb 2015. More details will be announced soon.