Ever wanted to curate the sounds of Manchester?

Presented at FutureEverything 2016, ‘The Corridor’ by Andrew Hodson will be a series of audio works relating to site specific areas in Manchester. Centering around Oxford Road, named ‘The Corridor‘, this historic area has served as the main inspiration behind this project.

Working with local people from Trafford, artist Andrew Hodson has made field recordings of the sounds along the Corridor in Manchester. This collaboration will create a new series of ‘sound poems’, using only this found audio for the public to listen to on their mobile device.

“People will experience the spaces while listening to the sound poems, they will see the space as it is, and hear the sounds that were collected in the recent past.” – Andrew Hodson

Why not start by listening to some sounds from the city’s Central Library, and explore more places on the Corridor?

An aspiring audio producer or artist? Take the experience further by making your own collages with the sample packs available for download for use with Ableton. Share your works with us via wetransfer, or upload them to your favourite online profile and let us know on #futrCorridor, we’re curious to find out what you make from the sounds of the city!

Join us at our information point in Manchester Central Library to find out how to listen on your phone, get involved, or ask any questions.

To complement The Corridor, blueSCI and Seed Studios are creating a workshop on Thursday 31st March at Manchester Central Library, which promise to be an open-environment, sonic playground of digital audio workstations and sample triggering devices.

This project is a partnership between blueSCI, Seed Studios and FutureEverything, it is funded by Arts Council England.

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