Notes: Families welcome although children should be above 8 years. Each participant should bring their own laptop plus an iPhone or iPad if possible (but not necessary)

A Family Workshop in 3D Printing: Concepts, Techniques, and Workflows.
The rapidly decreasing cost and widespread adoption of 3D printers has been aided and accompanied by new software applications that make 3D modeling simpler for everyday people. This workshop is an introduction to 3D modeling, 3D printing and 3D mashups for families and educators. Participants will learn the use of several free 3D modeling applications (including Autodesk 123D suite, TinkerCAD, Sculptris, and Skanect) -- as well as the use of the Makerbot Replicator, an inexpensive 3D printer widely used in schools and hackerspaces. The workshop will also present the many different ways in which people around the world are using 3D printing to create useful, expressive, and critical objects.

Presented as part of City Fictions, a speculative near future city. Institution: factory.