This second event in the Culture Shift Russia programme featured participants developing generative visual installations using vvvv technology and custom built Digital Emulsion shaders. The author of the best concept produced over the weekend will have the opportunity to perform their work at the Night of New Media festival on 5th July 2014, an all-night event which will celebrate the possibilities of new media art in a natural environment, featuring musicians, DJs and artists from across the globe.

During the hands-on workshop, workshop attendees worked to creative concepts and prototypes together with British artists Kimchi and Chips (Mimi Son and Elliot Woods) and FutureEverything, as well as attended a number of workshops and practical sessions on vvvv and other technical areas.

The intensive weekend-long workshop featured some of the world’s finest specialists in vvvv, as well as coders, hackers, programmers and audio visual artists. Participants:

  • put new and existing skills into practice;
  • were involved in an international and ambitious project;
  • had the opportunity to present their work at one of the most significant Russian media arts events;
  • worked within the international team of experts and colleagues;
  • felt the creative spirit of Nikola-Lenivets art park which is a great source of inspiration.



Kimchi & Chips
Kimchi and Chips is a Seoul based art and design studio founded by Elliot Woods (UK) and Mimi Son (South Korea). They are known for discovering novel interactions involving people and media materials, discovering new technical and artistic paradigms. They formed in 2009 to combine the disciplines of code, form, material, concept and mechanism. They create installations and dialogues which have been exhibited on four
continents. They create an emulsion of imagined reality within our physical world, in order to develop
natural interactions between people, nature and the possibilities of the digital network.

Nikola-Lenivets Art Park
Nikola-Lenivets is a place to live, work and create new ideas on the territory of 650 hectares, where you will find 28 land art objects, international art festivals, workshops and artists residencies.Located 200 kilometers away from Moscow, in Kaluga region by Ugra river it is part of the Ugra National Park, which is a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Nikola-Lenivets’s mission is to create a natural self regulated environment for life, recreation, art and work in harmony with nature. Art objects, workshops and studios, public spaces and accommodation areas, all of the necessary infrastructure for life and creativity are integrated into the natural surroundings and landscape of Nikola-Lenivets. It is the only place in Russia which presents landscape installations and land-art objects crated by leading Russian and international artists, many of which have become iconic figures for modern art.

Photos by Tom Higham, Alexander Delovoi