Reducing the Barriers to Cycling
CycleHack focuses on discussing and generating solutions to barriers that stop or inhibit people from cycling.

On 19th-21st June, CycleHack Manchester aims to bring together a diverse range of people with different skill sets and experiences to look at cycling in a new way.

What is a CycleHack?
A ‘CycleHack’ is an idea that can be prototyped and tested in the city that addresses a barrier to cycling.

Hacks can be physical products, digital apps, ideas for new campaigns or even influence policy, and can consider local infrastructure and route maps. CycleHack brings multiple disciplines and perspectives together to design new ideas brings life to innovative ideas.

Who is it for?
CycleHack is for everyone – no specific technical skills are required.

We are interested to see people from all corners of Greater Manchester, discussing their experiences and thoughts on cycling within the city.

Cycling should be enjoyable and safe for all – friends, family and guests of all ages are welcome.

How can I get involved?
If you want to sign up and develop your own ideas throughout the weekend, the weekend ticket is for you. If you would just like to hear from various specialists and see the final presentations, then please sign up for a ‘Show and Tell’ ticket.

A global event
In 2015, CycleHack will take place in over 35 cities across the globe – we are excited to compare the Manchester CycleHacks with the other cities’ ideas by adding to the global catalogue.

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Event begins: 6pm, Friday 19th June 2015
Event ends: 4pm, Sunday 21st June 2015

Friday: Evening talks
The weekend launches with a series of inspirational talks, which will help inspire participants on how to make your ideas a reality, including FutureEverything’s Programme Manager, Tom Rowlands.

Speakers include: Steve Connor (CEO, Creative Concern), Pavol Gajdos (Owner, Manchester Bike Hire), Tom Rowlands (Programme Manager, FutureEverything), Gabriele Schliwa (PhD researcher, UoM), and Julian Tait (Co-Founder, The Garden).

Introducing your barriers and ideas
Following the talks, participants will able to start pinning-up their barriers to cycling and potential ideas you already have. The space will be open to discussions about where ideas could lead.

Saturday: Explorations
On Saturday morning, participants will be encouraged to form teams with others sharing the same or similar ideas.

The Saturday will be the key time to explore your ideas, start building simple prototypes, quickly try them out in the space or spaces they’ll be used and by the evening, you will know exactly what you will want to present on the Sunday.

Sunday: Presentations
Sunday, the final day of the event, is time to make your ideas even greater. Whether it involves tightening a screw, sewing a thread, re-coding a snippet or stitching a frame, Sunday will see everyone making the final tweaks to their creative solutions ready to be presented back to the entire group.

Participants from each of the 35+ cities across the globe will share what they have achieved over the weekend by adding to the global CycleHack Catalogue. The collective power of your CycleHacks will be shared, to make the world more sustainable through cycling.

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