A spearhead of ‘PC Music’, the controversial label and production collective that emerged in 2014, we we welcome Danny L Harle for a DJ set that marries high energy pop, RnB, his own productions and experimental interludes. For the uninitiated, PC Music has been the phenomenon that has divided musical opinion like no other in 2014. Derided by many as a novelty, and celebrated by others as a much needed shot in the arm to the dance music scene, it was awarded Label of the Year by FACT Magazine.
“Part of this success is that PC Music have, in just over a year, released some of the most compelling pop music in recent memory” – FACT Magazine
“In music, almost every new sound or scene has to go through the same cliches of, “It’s just noise”, “It’s got no soul”, “It sounds like it was made by an eight-year-old” before the people who are slagging it off realise that they’re just wrong and out of touch. It happened with grime, it happened with dubstep – and now, it’s happening with London’s PC Music” – VICE
Making the enormous sonic journey from Alec Empire & Tristan Perich to Danny Harle’s set will be the dj duo between brand new Manchester club night High Bank. Comprised of duo Samename, off the back of his recent EP on Pelican Fly,  and DJ Croww, renowned for his eclectic sets at home and abroad, the pair have joined forces in an effort to create a local platform to join disparate club strains taken from all over the world.

At FutureEverything they will be performing their first external High Bank showcase, playing a B2B set spanning everywhere from Hyphy to Hardstyle, Jersey to Juke, Cumbia to Reggaeton and experimental sounds from even further afield.