A new live project from New York’s finest exponent of Deep House Nicolas Jaar, and multi instrumentalist Dave Harrington, Darkside formed in 2011 while the duo toured Jaar’s Space is Only Noise LP. Beginning on the Berlin date of those shows, the two continued to collaborate when they returned to NYC, culminating in 2011’s Darkside EP. Though retaining shades of Jaar’s solo work, Darkside presents a live, denser and more textured sound that Jaar to calls “the closest thing to Rock and Roll I’ve ever done.”

Following an introspective take on Daft Punk with their full album remix of Random Access Memories (Spin called it a “noisier, weirder, and slinkier experience”), the duo released their debut album Psychic in October 2013. Genre blurring and eclectic, it has been labelled “nothing short of masterful” by Mixmag.