The Data Cafe will be a place for socialising data. This material, that we are all leaving trails of has such potential for a common good, but how do we explore and understand the potential of our personal and civic data? The Data Cafe will welcome people for tea and coffee but for those that want to, we will also have some data probes placed around the space and some experiences to engage with, should you wish to ask questions and develop more data awareness and understanding.

Data Probes will include:

- Data Donor Cards - what data would people donate to the common good? A data commons? And for what purpose?
- Data questions on coffee cups as part of the experience. Questions for discussion when people sit down for tea and coffee.
- Data Bank with postcards around the space asking questions about people’s understanding and awareness of data. What is the data that matters? What do people feel comfortable sharing?

Data Experiences will be:
- Data Readings - book in to have a one to one with a data scientist to understand more about your own personal data trails and the civic data you can have access to. For all levels.
- Watch the Data Trails film to get a sense of how and where you are generating data all of the time. -