Exploring and Imagining the Future Football Web

Over 90 minutes, Scott Smith and John O’Shea, (drawing from Near Future Laboratory’s radical “Winning Formula”) guide you on a journey through the strange world of Data-Driven Football. Expect: engaging team talks, physical prototyping and oranges at half-time!

Football is an increasingly complex web of interactions amongst many actors—from player to manager to agent, scout, doctor, blogger, pundit, betting shop, game companies, and yes, supporter. Increasingly, data binds all of these together, traveling through the game like a well-placed pass, bouncing off media, entertainment, clubs, regulators, and spectators. This workshop examines this web and asks participants to imagine just how data could radically change the nature of the game, individual roles and experiences—both behind the scenes and on-screen—and create their own speculations of what the future of data-driven football could look like.

This workshop ties in with Winning Formula, a major co-commission between FutureEverything, National Football Museum and the Centre for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona - a brand new art installation forming part of the FutureEverything art programme at the National Football Museum that explores the increasing role data plays in sports analytics, both now and in the near future.