An art installation ​revealing the real-time processing of WikiLeaks data on the war in Afghanistan.

On 25th July 2010, WikiLeaks released the Afghan War Diary, exposing over 91,000 reports covering the war in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2010. Written by soldiers and officers, ​the release included ​​intelligence information, ​descriptions of military actions, meetings​ and other information.

While some of the data was interpreted and published by newspapers, the full data set - containing ​​endless permutation of jargon, acronyms and cross-references -​ ​remains mostly inaccessible.

Endless War is a video installation ​revealing the real-time processing of these data, seen from a series of different analytical points of view: each individual entry, phrase matching between entries and searches for the frequency of terms. It shows how the way war is thought relates to the way it is fought. Both are seen as, potentially endless, computational processes. The algorithmic imaginary of contemporary power meshes with the drawn out failure of imperial adventure.

A part of Data as Culture, and City Fictions, a speculative near future city. Institution: civic defence.

Data as Culture is presented by the ODI, FutureEverything and Lighthouse.