This unique double-bill, commissioned and produced by FutureEverything (with support from British Council and RNCM), features new work by three of the most exciting and compelling electronic artists working today – Memo Akten’s Simple Harmonic Motion for 16 Percussionists and Koreless & Emmanuel Biard’s The Well.

‘Simple Harmonic Motion for 16 Percussionists’ is a newly commissioned live performance by digital artist Memo Akten featuring 16 percussionists from the Royal Northern College of Music. Developed during a week long residency at FutureEverything, this will be the first ‘live’ iteration of an ongoing series of ‘Simple Harmonic Motion’ works. This beautiful, awe-inspiring and powerful sound and light performance stimulates the senses – an amplified and deconstructed interpretation of the simple, multilayered rhythmic patterns that form its source. It is inspired by natural and mathematical phenomena, as well as works by the likes of Norman Mclaren, John Whitney, Steve Reich and Gyorgi Ligeti.

‘The Well’ is a newly commissioned performance by live visual artist Emmanuel Biard and electronic musician Koreless. Commissioned by FutureEverything with support from the British Council, this stunning new work features Koreless’ compositions rescored for Moscow’s acclaimed four piece Intrada Choir, alongside a laser mirror and new lighting structures designed by Biard. Baird is one of the foremost live visual artists working today, having produced Daedelus’ acclaimed ‘Archimedes’, as we as being commissioned by FutureEverything in 2014 to design and build ‘The Hall’ alongside Evian Christ – one of the standout performances at last year’s festival.

This multi-sensory performance invites the audience to question the interactions between the human voice and complex electronic pulses – using sound, light and custom engineering. ‘The Well’ premiered at FutureEverything Moscow in November 2014, and here the artists perform the thrilling new iteration for our Opening Gala.

Image: Memo Akten: Simple Harmonic Motion #11 at Blenheim Palace