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Deep Lab by Jonathan Minard of Deep Speed media explores the statement “There is something about the internet that isn’t working anymore”. In December 2014, a group of women hackers, artists, and theorists gathered at Carnegie Mellon University to answer the question of what, exactly, that disquieting “something” is.

This collection also includes two videos from live programme artist Gazelle Twin directed by Chris Turner; Continuum by Sofia Mattoli – a creative visual call and response between the filmmaker and musicians Jamie xx, Four Tet and Koreless and the Spanish experimentalist John Talabot, and Postcards From Pripyat, Chernobyl, Danny Cooke’s stunning portrait of the post-nuclear Ukrainian landscape. City Rising by design studio Metahaven is a homage to Constant Nieuwenhuys’s ‘New Babylon’; a utopian architectural project based on the idea of an alternative, fully automated society in which human labour has become unnecessary.