FutureEverything Fireside Chats are a series of intimate, exploratory conversations with internationally renowned artists, designers, thinkers and business leaders from across the FutureEverything Festival programme. They offer an opportunity for a more in depth, nuanced exploration of the work and ideas of captivating festival guests. Hosts include Luke Turner, editor of The Quietus.

Dmitry Morozov is a Russian media artist, musician and engineer of strange sounding mechanisms, also known as ::vtol::. In the mid 00s Dmitry started to actively use DIY and Circuit Bent instruments for his own music projects, as well as making instruments for other artists. He is the first batch producer of music and video synthesizers at the post-Soviet area. Besides making music and instruments, Dmitry creates audiovisual art installations and promotes Circuit Bending and DIY Electronics in Russia by means of lectures and workshops.