Futures 10 is a showcase of wearable prototypes by Stefanie Posavec, James Bridle, Ben Hammersley, Superflux, Lisa Kori & Caitlin Morris (Fabrica), Francis Bitonti, Alex Box, Peter Gregson, Rohan Gunatillake, Lauren Bowker. Futures 10 is presented at the City Fictions museum, which presents speculative objects from the future rather than relics from the past.

10 leading designers were invited as brilliant, diverse and bright minds to envision a wearable future. The outcomes are prototypes, in the form of a 3D object, artwork, or product. These speculative designs reflect an alternative and richer vision of a wearable future than is demonstrated by current ‘big tech’ products.

Each have focused on distinct questions or interests. The wearable prototypes by Superflux, Fabrica and James Bridle each in different ways propose ways that people to evade or detect surveillance in the city.

Futures 10 is an opportunity to invite critical thought and ideas to reflect a wide and rich perspective of a wearable future. Moving away from the narrative of wearable technology as wrist watches and glasses, these prototypes explore emotions, interactions and the positive - and negative -challenges of a wearable future.

Presented as part of City Fictions, a speculative near future city. Institution: museum.