From the makers of the phenomenally successful 'Hello Lamp Post' (PAN Studio) comes a FutureEverything and Watershed commission: Hello Everything

Hello Everything brings the fictional city to life. The institutions and street furniture around NOMA have become sentient. What’s more, they are curious - to learn about their changing roles in the future and the ways they will be used, managed and perceived.

Hello Everything is an opportunity for visitors to share, via SMS, their own urban visions, fictions and narratives – with the street objects around them and the institutions embodied across the site. Involve these objects and systems in a conversation around their own destiny. Chat with the museum about its collection of objects that do not yet exist, or converse with a street sign on the best route to serendipity. Today we chat with each other. In the future we will chat with objects and institutions, our banter and chat will become a part of the hubbub of urban living.

With Hello Everything, everything in the fictional city becomes sentient and has something interesting to say. There only needs to be some label or code that marks it out as unique.

To bring an entity into the conversation, mention its unique reference/ serial/ area/ maintenance code in the introductory SMS message along with the its name (E.g. “Hello Post Box #M42AA”).

This project is a development of an earlier work, Hello Lamp Post, nominated for Design of the Year Award. Hello Lamp Post was a city-wide installation in Bristol in 2013, designed to challenge myths and preconceptions around the internet of things and smart cities.

Presented as part of City Fictions, a speculative near future city. Institution: public realm.