With a new album out on Warp, the much awaited follow up to 2010’s acclaimed ‘Nerve Up’, we are delighted to welcome back one of Manchester’s most compelling artists of the past decade – LoneLady, aka Julie Campbell. Teaser single ‘Groove It Out’ recalls ESG and A Guy Called Gerald’s classic ‘Voodoo Ray’ – showing a compelling new dance and funk influenced direction, steeped in drum machine grooves and pop sensibilities.

LoneLady has returned for a homecoming performance at FutureEverything, having recorded and produced her forthcoming second LP in her home studio – mostly using analogue equipment, including a Tascam 8-track cassette recorder, before adding the finishing touches at Keyclub Recording Co, Michigan.

These new recordings have a particular intimacy and integrity of their own, demonstrating an exciting development in the LoneLady sound – a familiar, analogue warmth that builds on her tense, post-punk influenced brand of pop.

Circuit Breaker are a duo of brothers from South London whose approach to song writing aims to join the dots between various different synth-wave, post-punk and industrial influences. 
The group have recently released two EPs on the aforementioned Manchester based label, both of which turned the head of the Arch-Drude himself ,Julian Cope, who declared that the band were ”Disturbing, cantankerous and highly rock’n’roll, Circuit Breaker…offer a complete, almost hermetically-sealed worldview of considerable force”

Live viewers can expect the brothers to veer between fragments of their recorded output and longer improvisational pieces incorporating drum machines, synths and samplers as well as singer Peter’s ”
querulous alienated outsider vocals”. Fans of artists ranging from Death in June to Chris and Cosey will no doubt be intrigued.