Martin Messier is a composer, performance artist and videographer whose work explores the relationship between electroacoustic music and other art forms through experimentation and collaboration. It is through the relationship between sound and material, such as objects or bodies, that Messier’s work takes shape.

His work constantly redefines the frontiers of Musique Concrète by creating sounds with everyday objects, such as alarm clocks, pens, self-conceived machines and sewing machines. At the very centre of this dialogue between sounds and objects is the desire to push the everyday imaginary a little further, to magnify these entities by giving them a voice and by reinventing their function.

Messier has presented his work in various international festivals and events, including Mutek, FTA and Mois Multi, as well as Transmediale, Sonar and TodaysArt. His work La Chambre des Machines received a distinction at the prestigious Ars Electronica.

Ex-Easter Island Head are a Liverpool based musical collective composing and performing music for solid-body electric guitar, percussion and other instruments.

Incorporating multiple prepared electric guitars struck with percussion mallets and treated as an infinitely variable sound-source as well as drawing on an arsenal of cymbals, bells, prayer bowls and acoustic percussion, they devise works that explore group interplay, repetition and melodic invention through purposefully limited means.They have performed their original compositions solo, as a duo, three-piece, quartet and as ensembles of up to thirty people, sharing stages with some of the most forward thinking and respected artists in the field of experimental music. Performing throughout the UK and EU in basements, churches, galleries, cathedrals, libraries and around an actual Easter Island Head, the group have received significant critical acclaim for their live set and recordings from the likes of The Wire, Pitchfork, The BBC and the New York Times.