Join FutureEverything and meandyou. for our Saturday night closing party at Soup Kitchen, featuring Abdulla Rashim and Varg.

Sweden’s Abdulla Rashim and Varg have emerged as two key figures in a new wave of techno DJ’s and producers that have spearheaded the scene over the course of the last three years.

Northern Electronics, the label operated by Rashim, takes cues from bleak and mysterious aesthetics of Scandinavia’s Black Metal music – releasing a palette of experimental drones and electronics but predominately dark and minimalist techno. He has assembled a closely bound collective of artists based in Stockholm including Acronym, Korridor, SARS and Varg that have come to define the hypnotic and minimalist style of techno that is defining the region.

Surfacing in 2011, Abdulla Rashim has become prominent around the world as both a DJ and a producer, creating a sound through a series of releases on his own self-titled label, Semantica, Prologue and a collaborative project with Varg using the moniker of Ulwhednar. His DJ sets fall inline with his production output; following a dark linear path that builds subtly.

Jonas Rönnberg’s Varg project has emerged as one of the most prolific and interesting alias’ of the collective – fusing sounds that draw from genres such as ambient, dubstep, drone and techno. In 2015 he released one of the stand out LP’s of 2015 in Ursviken, showcasing his talents as a producer.