Family Friendly Matinee Event

An event to delight adults and children alike combining live-cinema with hundreds of small hand painted paper models and live acting. This special matinee event launches FutureEverything’s new family programme on mothers’ day.

Miwa Matreyek’s entrancing live cinema performance combines animation, performance, and video installation, in a middle ground between illusion and non-illusion. It invites the audience to see animation take on a more physical and present quality, while body and space appear fantastical.

Karla and Andres, a German-Spanish collective, invite a live audience to view the making of a film, while simultaneously witnessing the performance itself.

Matreyek’s work blurs the line between the real and unreal, and explores how animation changes when it is combined with body and space. On one hand, Matreyek’s performance can be viewed as a cinematic experience taking place on a screen. On the other hand, what is seen on the screen is a collapsed product of multiple layers of animation, objects and body.

Karla and Andres explore the role individuals play within the always changing entity we call society in a way that will entrance and delight young people (“present big themes to little people”). The performance will present the memories, dreams, frustrations and weaknesses that exist within and shape human society, using live-camera and hundreds of small hand painted paper models and live acting.