NoPayPhone is the City Fictions telecoms service, providing free telephone communication through the redistribution of donated free minutes from inclusive mobile plans to public telephones.

Anyone can simply call a landline or mobile from the phone by dialling the desired number. People with inclusive mobile phone plans are invited to donate some of their free minutes by connecting to the NoPayPhone as a bluetooth handset. Each call is randomly routed through one of the nearby donor phones. By donating free minutes you are helping to build an open, ad-hoc community resource. By virtually lending your mobile to strangers you are also adding unknown calls to your mobile phone bill.

NoPayPhone explores the notion of phone boxes as a symbol of privacy, and helps to confuse targeted advertising and profiling by your mobile phone operator and any third-party surveillance of call metadata.

Presented as part of City Fictions, a speculative near future city. Institution: telecoms.