Ownership, how we handle it, and its value have been transformed in the digital age. In a new wave of digital disruption, the sharing economy is enabling people to unlock value from their property, time and skills. Cloud computing is improving our access to information, to each other, and to the things we each own. The cost is unprecedented levels of centralisation, with taxi drivers protesting on the streets of cities giving an image to a sidelined majority. The backdrop is nothing less than the geo-politics of the Internet, where interest in a more local web is growing across the globe.

Touchback: tbk.io/fe-o

Session One – 14.00 – 14.50
This session involves speakers inventing and commenting on new models of entrepreneurship. It features award-winning designer and software developer Stef Lewandowski who makes startups like others print objects, turning hacks and ideas into businesses, and Julia Kaganskiy who has created a new and unique model of incubator and co-working space with the New Museum in New York, for creatives who move seamlessly between artistic and commercial work. We’ll also have a short Lightning Talk with Global FUTR Lab participant Venzha Christ, who will introduce his projects which aims to change the innovation and making landscape of South East Asia.

14.00 – Lightning Talk – Leila Johnston

14.05 – Lightning Talk – THNGS

14.10 – Stef Lewandowski

14.30 – Julia Kaganskiy

14.50 – Lightning Talk – Venzha Christ

Session Two – 15.00 – 15.40
Ingenious new models are emerging that hand control and ownership back to web users. From Moscow, Andrey Manirko introduces new models of collaborative innovation and has emerged as a driving force in Moscow’s vibrant digital scene. Danja Vasiliev, one of the leading members of the Critical Engineering movement, examines the challenges that cloud computing poses to our privacy and our sense of autonomy, and brings to the festival Superglue, a set of tools that enables users an entry to gaining independence online.

15.30 – Andrey Manirko

15.50 – Danja Vasiliev

Session Three – 16.20 – 16.50
Closing out the day, Michael Baxter takes us on a journey through the contemporary digital space, looking at recent and upcoming waves of disruption, such as those brought about by the sharing economy. Author of the acclaimed iDisrupted, he will decode the implications of the ever accelerating rate of technological change, the importance of convergence, and Moore’s law as a metaphor. What are the opportunities and the challenges, and what does the future hold?

16.20 – Michael Baxter