On the 21st of February citizens around the globe are gathering to write applications, liberate data, create visualisations and publish analyses using open data for Open Data Day. Across the country, events will be taking place in Bath, London, Manchester and Winchester.

This event will explore what drives people to come together for Open Data Day and what ideas these collaborations unlock. It will discuss what open data means in different contexts, how it impacts people and what we can achieve in the next 365 days.

Join us to learn about open data and help us decide what the next chapter should be.

  • What is open data and how does it affect us? (Paul Maltby, Director of Open Data and Government Innovation at Cabinet Office)
    What can we do in 365 days? (Lucy Knight, Devon County Council)

We’ll also be inviting a series of Lightning talks with delegates from Bath, London, Manchester and Winchester: insights, opportunities and challenges from across the UK, and presenting Common threads with Jamie Whyte, from Trafford Innovation Lab.

This workshop is delivered in partnership with the Cabinet Office Transparency Team.