Lee Gamble is a London-based producer who rose to prominence DJing on pirate radio stations having spent his teenage years in the midst of the the emerging Jungle scene. However, his own approach to music took a more experimental route. Since the early 2000s, Gamble has worked with abstract and sculptural forms of computer music such as 2006’s ‘80mm O!I!O’ and 2009’s ‘Join Extensions’ album.

His music since then has undergone further reinvention. His deconstruction of Jungle on 2012’s ‘Diversions 1994-1996′ released on PAN received critical acclaim from the likes of the Wire and FACT, and his full length LP, the techno-indebted ‘Dutch Tvashar Plumes’ (named FACT album of the year) has been described as “an inspired syncretism of dance music forms”.

Mark Fell, alongside Mat Steel, is one half of seminal glitch techno duo snd. With releases on the Raster-Noton label as well as a catalogue of self-published works, snd generated a whole new form of techno influenced electronic music. Their debut, 1998’s Tplay has seen a recent re-release with remastering by D&M’s Rashad Becker – a name that should need no introduction. Here, Fell presents Sensate Focus – a work that stemmed from collaborations with fellow glitch godfather and Raster-Noton stablemate Vladislav Delay

Powell’s productions re-pattern ideas from New York No Wave to European Techno and UK D&B with incisive, ascetic vision. Powell’s latest offering, Club Music, marks the artists first release via his own Diagonal imprint since 2012. Powell’s sound is a blend of industrial techno, post punk and hardcore; layered, compressed and then ripped apart to form decomposing soundscapes that give the listener an insight into the dancefloor sound of an uncertain, darker future.

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