Open Circuit presents an evening of Modular Synthesis and Circuit-Bent Instruments.

Peter Edwards (USA) - His first UK appearance, this audiovisual performance occupies a sonic territory between noise and melody, chaos and structure. Using the Benjolin Light Synth, his own modification of engineer/artist Rob Hordijk’s Benjolin synthesizer, Casperelectronics creates an intense soundscape reminiscent of an analog modem trying to transmit data over outer-space radio waves, all accompanied by a constantly flickering RGB code. The light display utilizes three high intensity LEDs in red, green and blue. Combining these three colors allows full spectrum color mixing. Signals taken from the audio circuitry are used to control the three LEDs independently. The lights can be configured in a variety of ways to respond to the circuitry. In some cases, the relationship between what you hear and what you see will be very obvious, in others it will be less obvious or not at all. Regardless, the sound and light always comes from the same circuitry and are linked on some level.

Joker Nies (Germany) - Known for his energetic improvisations on unusual electronic instruments and re-built electronic toys! He has played with many established improvisers all over Europe and the US and is also part of the trio Die Schrauber.

Richard Scott (UK) - Active member of the improvising and electroacoustic communities in London, Manchester and Berlin working with analogue modular synthesizers and alternative controllers such as his own self-designed WiGi infrared controller. He is a long term artistic resident at STEIM in Amsterdam, and co-curator of two underground experimental, improvised and electronic concert series in Berlin: AUXXX Berlin and Basic Electricity.

Sam Weaver (UK) – One half of London outfit Hungryghost will be performing on a Rob Hordijk’s designed Modular synthesizer and will be joined by the man himself allowing you to experience the amazing sounds that his designs are capable of producing!

The Benjolin Orchestra - Participants in the daytime Benjolin Workshop will perform with their freshly made instruments under the guidance of Joker Nies…

£3 entry - Free to workshop participants