thickear’s triptychal response to Data As Culture involves processes of data collection, exhibition, re-examination and degradation taking place in three locations; FutureEverything, the Open Data Institute and Lighthouse. Commencing with an open invitation to take part in a series of data gathering consultancies, in which participants are issued with limited edition data-prints, carbon copies of the compiled data will then be revealed through a process of meditation and repurposing of the content during interventions at the Open Data Institute. The final remnants of the forms will be presented at Lighthouse along with newly acquired knowledge and understanding revealed by Pink Sheet Method. Participate in the launch of this brand new work during FutureEverything, by contributing to the carbon copy sheets.

Pink Sheet Method brokers data through exchange, accruing and rendering. The credibility and limitations of analytics – or data fracking – is questioned through a series of performed, authoritative gestures that transform information into commodity and/or knowledge.

A part of Data as Culture, and City Fictions, a speculative near future city. Institution: information hub.

Data as Culture is presented by the ODI, FutureEverything and Lighthouse.