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Do you want to see our groundbreaking climate service Project Ukko in action? Join us in Room 3 at FutureEverything 2016 conference to interact with the interface first hand, and see the project’s stunning interface in a full scale projection, as designed by ┬ádata visualisation designer Moritz Stefaner.

Project Ukko is a new climate service for wind energy that breaks new ground in the effort to improve the resilience of society to climate variability and change.

Project Ukko combines cutting edge climate science and data visualisation design to communicate forecasts not on the coming days, but months. Understanding future wind conditions can become a crucial enabler for clean energy and climate change resilience.

Named after the Finnish god of the sky, weather and thunder, Project Ukko allows energy traders, wind farm managers and others to understand global patterns and trends in future wind conditions, and drill into detailed prediction breakdowns on a regional level. We put special emphasis on the challenges related to communicating probabilistic data to decision makers.

Hear more about how Ukko came about, and further discussions into designing for science and data visualisation, in our Fireside Chat with Moritz Stefaner and Dr Ben Still on Thursday 31 March, 11.45am, Reception Room.


A FutureEverything and BSC project for EUPORIAS.

Data visualisation by Moritz Stefaner.

Based on ECMWF seasonal predictions by RESILIENCE.

EUPORIAS is funded by EC FP7 (GA 308291).