As cities cease to be understood just in streets, buildings and maps, we are starting to find new ways of using the layers of data, people and behaviours to build a broader, richer portrait of the urban spaces we occupy.

PuBliC is a collaborative project from the Centre for Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh and the Manchester Cycling Lab, which will send people out into the city as sensors to gather data, ideas, and insights that will be integrated into a research paper published at the end of the day.

Presented as part of FutureEverything’s Festival Lab programme, PuBliC will ask questions about the future of the urban environment, in particular how we navigate and traverse the cityscape as it becomes increasingly connected. Artist, academic and curator Lanfranco Aceti will also join the project on the day, who aims to ask questions about the social fabric of our systems.

To participate, register via the Eventbrite link below, or sign up at the conference registration desk. PuBliC will be outside Manchester Town Hall on Albert Square, so have a cycle, see the city, and co-author the future of Manchester. Places are limited, so advance booking is advised.

If you can’t make it during the day, come and join the discussion at 5pm each day in Room 5, Project Exhibition room.


Sign up here

Bike Friday – Friday 27th February 2015, 8am
On Friday 27th February, PuBliC will also be participating in Bike Friday, a fun, sociable way for people to give cycling to work a go, and for people who already cycle to enjoy cycling with others. It is organised by LoveYourBike and starts at 8am from a range of locations in Greater Manchester on the last Friday of each month. This month, Bike Friday will be running as part of festival lab PuBliCPeople, Bikes and Cars at FutureEverything festival. To engage with PuBliC as part of Bike Friday download the app Comob Net (iOS only), join the group “FutrPublic” and activate it during your ride on Bike Friday to co-author the future of Manchester! Find details on meeting points and times at