Punchcard Economy banners are large­ scale knitted data­ visualisation works, based on the Robert Owen's 8 Hour Day Movement slogan: '8 Hours Labour, 8 Hours Recreation, 8 Hours Rest'. The work incorporates contemporary data about working hours within the 'digital' economy, collected via a virtual punchcard on the project website,­ to map the shift from Owen's ideal. Translating work patterns into knitting patterns using the similar punchcard technology, each misplaced stitch represents an hour of work done outside of the 8 hour 'contract'.

In this hands-on workshop, you can explore the uses of the knitting machine yourself, and produce your very own knitted punchcard representing your personal working patterns.

Punchcard Economy has been supported by FACT Liverpool and Arts Council England.

A part of Data as Culture, and City Fictions, a speculative near future city. Institution: creative quarter.

This workshop repeats throughout the day: 10.00-11:30 / 11:30-13.00 / 14.00-15:30 / 15:30-17.00

Notes: Participants must sign up to http://punchcardeconomy.co.uk/ and log their working hours for a full week prior to the workshop