“There are some things so serious that you have to laugh at them.” 
Niels Bohr – Quantum Physicist

To what degree is our reality objective? Is it the only one that exists? Are the rules and laws determining our lives in the present moment the only reality?

LABORATORIA (Moscow) and FutureEverything (Manchester) present an art & science exhibition featuring Russian and UK artists in response to the theme of Quantum Entanglement.

The followers of Niels Bohr’s quantum theory claim that there is no such thing as objective reality. The world around us as we perceive it emerges only as a result of measurements, either by physical apparatus or the observer’s interpretation.

Quantum physics is able to paint an exciting and strange new picture of the world, a world where our reality is multivariate. By applying these laws, many once exclusively scientific questions can be transformed into philosophical ones, for example “Do objects change if we don’t observe them?” In this reality there is more space for observation and subjective perception. This then becomes a working method, open to artistic application.

Even basic notions of the quantum physics seem unreal and often poetic: in the quantum world, an object may simultaneously be a wave and particle, or may be located in several places at once. One of the most unbelievable, and even romantic, phenomena is quantum entanglement: particles can become ‘entangled’ while being in certain conditions very close to each other. Even when pulled apart to infinitely long distances, these ‘entangled’ particles become synchronised and display similar behaviour – as if they have learned from each other and developed eternal connections. Quantum Entanglement is not just a theoretical assumption. In 2008, a research team featuring Anton Zeilinger (Austria) managed to pull entangled photons 144 km apart and directly observe their connectedness. This astonishing discovery has challenged the accepted laws of physics – the very notion of space and time.

Quantum theory aims to focus our gaze beyond the conventional picture of the world, at the same time approaching the philosophic and religious assumptions; giving evidence to fantastic theories – parallel realities, teleportation, information transfer at superlight speed, and even time travel.

This exhibition presents work by artists whose vision is to demonstrate these ideas; to inspire, amaze and provoke. These new views, discoveries, undetermined consequences, poetical metaphors and multifaceted of perceptions which quantum physics suggest – are a source of deep inspiration for the artists – and after exploring these works, for the audience also.

Opening Times: Thursday – Sunday, 14:00-20:00

Curators: Daria Parkhomenko, Tom Higham
Scientific advisor: Prof. Alexander Lvovsky, University of Calgary (Canada), Russian Quantum Center

Christmas holidays: 25th December 2014 – 7th January 2015

LABORATORIA Art & Science Space, founded in 2008, is the first nonprofit exhibition and research centre in Russia focused on constructing platforms of interdisciplinary interaction between contemporary art and science. One of the main methods of Laboratoria is the integration of artists in scientific research laboratories and institutes, and vice versa, placement of scientists into the contemporary art environment.

FutureEverything Moscow is a three month UK-Russian digital culture exchange programme in partnership with British Council Russia as part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014.