Railway Codes needs you! Locomotive pioneers George and Robert Stephenson spent 20 years in North Tyneside testing novel concepts and engineering methods, work which indisputably changed the face of industry, transport and logistics. In this making event, we invite you to invoke the spirit of Stephenson by reinterpreting and inventing using the rail and transport resources at Stephenson Railway Museum.

Participants will take part in a one day intensive event, exploring data and the rich array of artefacts at the museum, creating responses and interpretations using rail data and the Stephenson collection, from station information, to field recordings and artefact imagery. This event appeals to a wide variety of participants, including artists and designers, creative technologists and coders, rail enthusiasts and also those with a more general interest in the area.

The event will be delivered by the duo James Rutherford and Ashleigh Herriott from Sparks North East, a company known for delivering quality creative hack, mash and play events across the North East.

You will meet fellow enthusiasts, seasoned experts, creatives and data scientists and come together to collaborate. You can ask questions about data patterns, create interactive artworks, or find creative ways to tell the story of the railway – this is a chance to experiment!

The final creations will be hosted and promoted by Stephenson Railway Museum and FutureEverything.

Lunch for the event has been kindly provided by the team at ShedCode


Railway Codes is a part of the Future Makers, an exciting new programme of creative technology workshops for children and adults, at museums and galleries across Tyneside.

The Future Makers programme is delivered by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums and Manchester-based digital art organisation FutureEverything. For more information visit our news item.