FutureEverything is honoured to present the debut European performance by the unique and captivating artist that is The Space Lady, in the stunning surroundings of Manchester Art Gallery.

Often seen performing in 1980’s Boston, and then a decade later in San Francisco’s Castro community – where she would play and sing for hours on end for the gay scene, and got her apt moniker – The Space Lady’s winged helmet and setup of a Casio battery-powered keyboard, vocal mic and echo & phaser controls became a small but striking phenomenon. Her sound is a blend of synth-laden pop and proto-techno that evokes the iconic soundtrack artists and early electronic composers such as Suzanne Ciani.

The Space Lady has been recognised alongside Daniel Johnston and Jandek on Irwin Chusid’s seminal Outsider compilation Songs in the Key of Z, and her lo-fi synth minimalist interpretation of Peter Schilling’s Major Tom featured on Erol Alkan’s Bugged Out mix last year, as well as John Maus’ 2011 Rough Trade set.

“Heart-warming, eccentric, and unselfconscious… that attends to the fact that you don’t need ego and fancy gear to make great pop music.” – Dazed