Superglue – Online Independence

Introducing tools and skills to create and host your own local web. In reaction to the opaque systems revealed to be at play online, artists, engineers and designers have been progressively exploring new ways to hand control back to web users. With this need for independence growing out of initiatives such as the Indie Web movement, Superglue provides users with the option for creating and hosting your own website from home.

Over the last 18 months a team of artists, engineers, programmers, designers and researchers have been building Superglue – an easy, entry-level visual web authoring tool which operates on an inexpensive personal server, enabling you to host your own content without the need for external web hosting providers.

With user experience in mind, the Superglue visual web authoring tool comes as a handy, easy-to-use, browser add-on, which enables you to create websites directly in the browser window, without the need for code. To host your website at home, Superglue operates on a personal server – a preconfigured device which you plug into the wall, instantly creating your very own web server.

Superglue saw a test launch in October 2014, and is now ready for public trials. This hands-on workshop presents an exciting opportunity for members of the public to be among the first to try out this radical new platform. Superglue co-creator and critical engineer Danja Vasiliev will show you how the web tool and server works, and will discuss the ideas behind the project. Preconfigured servers will be available for participants to test during the workshop.

To continue your work at home, you’ll need to buy your own server, we recommend these two inexpensive models.

Superglue is developed by Danja Vasiliev, Joscha Jaeger and Michael Zeder in collaboration with Teresa Dillon, VERBALVISUAL and zerbamine.
Facilitated by: WORM. Supported by: Greenhost

No specialist technical or web development knowledge is necessary.

Danja will be presenting at the FutureEverything Conference, 26-27th February. Superglue Workshop participants receive an exclusive 20% discount on Conference tickets if purchased before 2nd February! Buy Tickets Now.

Tickets: £20 

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