Did you know we spend average 400 days of our lifetime commuting?

That’s an incredible amount, and it’s an average across all workers in the UK. In this free workshop, we’re placing the focus on Tram journeys and IoT Technology. We’ll explore how Tram journeys can be made better, safer and more efficient by technology and community engagement.

Think of the two-hour workshop as an experiment where we will explore how we interact with others at Tram stations, share our diverse tram travel stories while setting ourselves a small challenge to imagine how Tech can shape our experiences.

Manchester is becoming a Smart City, are you onboard?

While this is a friendly, informal event, your feedback will help us understand how Smart Technology can help create change in our daily commute. CityVerve wants to ensure that the voice of people who will use technology being developed, is heard.

So join CityVerve’s Community Champions and FutureEverything for a fun, energetic workshop at The Federation, next in the series of CityVerve Community Forums.

This workshop is delivered by Creative Experts at Contact and on behalf of the CityVerve Community Champions Team. CityVerve is the UK’s smart city demonstrator project. For more visit: www.cityverve.org.uk