Vaporwave has been one of the most intriguing and confusing genres of music to spring up in the past few years, and one that has to be experienced first hand as it can be hard to explain in words. Bringing influences from muzak, funk, cyberpunk, 80’s and 90’s kitsch artifacts and a healthy dose of surreality, this ever growing genre contains a diverse scene of mostly anonymous musicians whose artistic output is as tangled and confusing as the place it solely resides: the Internet.

Until now. Here, the artists Hong Kong Express, IMMUNE//, Pyravid and Shima33 from vaporwave’s leading record label Dream Catalogue have collaborated to bring the genre to life in the real world for the first time, as they invite you to take a vacation from your body and join them in the VIRTUALIFE Departure Lounge for three nights of vaporwave music and visuals, presented by a virtual entity only known as “The Hostess”.

“It can sound like a nonchalant soundtrack to a luxury spa; it can be the background atmosphere of a future mega-city; it can be pitchshifted samples of soul and R&B; it can be bitcrushed and drained of treble almost entirely in an extreme love of DIY aesthetics.” – YES/NO MUSIC