You Are Not Here is an architectural commission for City Fictions.

The fictional city is an information rich environment, both real and imagined. To bring that to life Nicky Kirk and Mel Woods have led the design and development of architectural interventions using reclaimed materials across the new NOMA site on the edge of the Northern Quarter. Coloured pixels covering the walls of buildings and the surfaces of streets combine with 3D structures to create a unique and playful visual identity and sense of place. These signpost the city institutions, helping visitors to navigate the site, and create pathways of discovery between serendipitous experiences.

As a part of You Are Not Here, Unit X students from Interior Design, Creative Multimedia and Film & Media Studies at Manchester School of Art were invited to design, build and deploy architectural interventions. These architectural objects and structures will help to link different the different institutions for visitors to City Fictions during the FutureEverything festival weekend.

Presented as part of City Fictions, a speculative near future city. Institution: wayfinding.


About SerenA
The vision of SerenA, to transform the ways we find what we don’t know we need to know, is by creating surprising connection opportunities, between people and with all kinds of information. We are designing technologies, services and experiences which aim to help shape playful, surprising, valuable exchanges with occasionally disruptive approaches to serendipity. The project is funded by RCUK Digital Economy ‘Designing Effective Research Spaces’.

About Unit X
Unit X brings together students from Media, Art and Design courses at the Manchester School of Art to work on externally focussed projects. Each of these projects are developed in partnership with external organisations or individuals from across Manchester and beyond. Now in its third year there will be over 1,500 students involved in this dynamic interdisciplinary model of practice. The real world nature of X helps students engage and realise their potential for future employment in the creative industries. FutureEverything presents work by the students in venues beyond the traditional confines of the University, determinedly engaging with a broad audience, inviting debate and fostering a greater understanding of their practice in context.