The FutureEverything festival took place in March 2014, with a two day conference, world premières of participatory artworks, and a city-wide programme of innovative live music.

In its 19th year, the festival brought people together to discover, share and experience new ideas about the future. Pioneering the idea of a ‘festival as laboratory’, it combined innovative art and performance with new technology, insightful discussion and playful social experimentation. The conference brought together over 700 international delegates from design, urbanism, art, business and academia.

Taking the theme of ‘Tools for Unknown Futures’, the festival explored how we can collaborate on new tools, devices and systems to transform many spheres of life, from the arts to democracy. Drawing on powerful currents in today’s design scene, it opened up the debate our fascination with tools as the most natural path towards social change, and  new ways to question, imagine and make the strange, troubled thing called the future.

The FutureEverything festival will return to Manchester in Spring 2015. Tickets will be on sale soon.