Over the festival weekend, a pop-up city took over NOMA in Manchester. This took the form of a speculative city, one imagined through conjecture and curiosity. Visitors were invited to experience future visions of city life, realised through extraordinary design fictions, art, architecture and family friendly workshops.

City Fictions also included Data as Culture, a partnership between FutureEverything, the Open Data Institute and Lighthouse, presenting data-driven artworks across the three organisations, including works by James BridleYoHa & Matthew Fullerthickear and Sam Meech.

Public Realm
Hello Lamp Post: Speak with newly sentient street furniture and city institutions

CV Dazzle Anon Salon: Free anti-surveillance and facial recognition hairdressing and makeovers

Objects from the future rather than relics from the past.
Futures 10: Wearable devices by Stefanie Posavec, James Bridle, Ben Hammersley, Superflux, Lisa Kori & Caitlin Morris (Fabrica), Francis Bitonti, Alex Box, Peter Gregson, Rohan Gunatillake, Lauren Bowker
A History of the Future in 100 Objects: The future told through fictional objects
5th Dimensional Camera: A fictional camera for glimpsing parallel quantum universes

Sports Arena
Winning Formula: Installation and newspaper from 2018 on the future of data and sport
Personal Museums: Transforming football memorabilia into miniature cinema
Winning Formula workshops: Workshops on the future of data and sport

Parliament of Urban Rights: A free-access debating space for a universal declaration of urban rights

DataCafe: Cafe serving food, drink, data

Creative Quarter
Included family friendly workshops and demos (dates and times vary).
Fixperts Hub
: Bring something to be fixed, and become a fixpert
BUQs workshop: Open lab, demo’s and tours with electronic lifeforms
Punchcard Economy
: Reflection on labour in data and knitting
Punchcard Economy workshop
: Transform your work pattern to knitting patterns
Benjolin Analogue Synth Workshop
: Build your own  noise box

Critical 3D Printing: 3D printing and 3D mashups with Golan Levin (Sunday only)

BBC Connected Studio: A half day event exploring the future of media (Saturday only)

Data Network
BUQs: A swarm of autonomous, connected, electronic lifeforms that create sounds around the city

Information Hub
Pink Sheet Method
: Personal data consultations with art collective thickear
Smart Citizens
: Become a data sharing smart citizen

Bio-tech Kitchen
Bio Strike: Taste and test in a kitchen bio laboratory

Civic Defence
Endless War
: Art installation of WikiLeaks war reports by YoHa & Matthew Fuller
Watching The Watchers
: Civilian surveillance of secret military aircraft by James Bridle

NoPayPhone: Free call service offers donated free minutes to public phone boxes

Public Works
Blank Media – Social Capital: A construction site and workshop building a temporary monument

CoGet: Things Moving People Around

Storystorm: Collaborate to tell the story of the future city

You Are Not Here
: Pathways of discovery and temporary architecture

City Fictions Newspaper  – City Fictions was introduced to people in Manchester by a fictional newspaper set in 2018 and inserted in 130,000 copies of the Manchester Evening News.

Download Newspaper