Monday 31 March & Tuesday 1 April, Manchester Town Hall
The FutureEverything Conference features inspirational keynotes, participatory workshops and intimate talks from world leading practitioners and thinkers from design, art, urbanism, business, academia and more.

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Conference Theme – Tools for Unknown Futures
FutureEverything will look at how we can collaborate on new tools, devices and systems to transform our lives, from the arts to democracy, business and governance.

The most original, influential figures at the forefront of powerful currents in today’s design scene, are converging on Manchester Town Hall, to imagine speculative futures around the technologies and innovations likely to change our lives. Leading figures from government and business look at the next generation of decentralised, data intensive tools and platforms, where the cutting edge of data science and economics meet.

People taking control of tools to shape the future has been a familiar trope within digital culture. Drawing on powerful currents in today’s design scene, such as speculative design and design fiction, FutureEverything will debate our fascination with tools as the most natural path towards social change, and open up new ways to question, imagine and make the strange, troubled thing called the future.

Keynotes, Participation, Workshops & Fireside Chats
Over two days, be inspired by keynote presentations from world leading speakers, participatory workshops where new ideas come to life, and a brand new ‘Fireside Chat’ programme – a series of intimate, exploratory conversations with internationally renowned artists, designers, thinkers and business leaders.

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