BrokenChannel looked at the contemporary experience of surveillance, seeking to decode the transmissions interrogating the noises of dissent and visions emitting from the shattered lens of CCTV and surveillance. This exhibition of work by internationally renowned artists co-curated by FutureEverything and Cornerhouse explored the nature of identity when reduced to spectres flickering across CCTV screens, looking at control, representation and agency.

This interrogative series of works included TaystesROOM by New York-based artist Jenny Marketou, which prises open observational technologies to reveal erotic fantasies of control; Imperial Beach (Sistema de valor No. 8) by Los Angeles artist/activist collective Ultra-red is a portrait of the April 2001 protests against the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City and the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), and Vigilare by Kaffe Matthews and Riz Maslen is a video work that explores how CCTV footage can be reclaimed, disrupting the linear flow of information to open up alternative perceptual spaces, incorporating sonic improvisations to look again at public space and to reveal the personal and private spaces we think we find within them.

Broken Channel also presented ‘Broken Channel edition 1’ a live audiovisual journey through CCTV’s hidden spaces and forbidden sounds resulting in the premiere of Futuresonic commissions by Neotropic and Kaffe Matthews, and Battery Operated and Gesom.