FutureEverything is developing an interactive visualisation for a prototype climate service providing tailored wind forecasts for the energy sector. FutureEverything introduces art and design into data enabled science and related industries. Climate services offer predictions for the coming seasons or decades to enable society to adapt to a changing climate. The challenge is to communicate complex information on the future to enable people to make decisions today. With this in mind, FutureEverything is introducing data design to this emerging area and is developing a climate service for wind energy in Europias, a project recently funded by the European commission which intends to improve our ability to maximise the societal benefit of these new technologies.

The climate service prototype will provide a range of state-of-the-art forecasts (e.g. most likely average wind speed category, number of days of extreme winds etc.) Interactive visualisation of probabilistic wind forecasts and their degree of uncertainty for a tailored climate service prototype. Providing a visual representation of average wind output, adapted to communicate more than one scenario (probabilistic information) of possible future wind speed forecasts over monthly to seasonal timescales.

The visualisation will demonstrate the potential of data visualisation for the emerging climate services sector.

‘Truth and beauty operator’ Moritz Stefaner has been commissioned to work on the climate service, alongside FutureEverything’s Drew Hemment and Tom Rowlands, Carlo Buontempo from Met Office, and Mel Davies and the team at IC3 in Barcelona.