In 2006, a carbon audit of the festival and conference showed that over 90% of the carbon emissions are a result of air travel by participants. So we set out to design a new kind of globally networked event, GloNet, which was all about innovating in group to group connectivity.

This Globally Networked Event shifted from a single city festival to one taking place simultaneously at cities around the globe. GloNet was a new kind of globally networked event, designed to change the DNA of the festival and conference, and to reduce the need for people to fly to the event. Live events in five cities use experimental formats to bring real and virtual audiences together around a central theme through talks, performances, an art installation and networked social spaces, all in one day and spanning five time zones.

GloNet was a new model for group-to-group globally networked events, developed by FutureEverything in partnership with British Council, Distance Lab and Lancaster University. Co-produced by FutureEverything with Sendai Creative Cluster Consortium, FesLab and TRUNK in Sendai, Japan; amber in Istanbul, Turkey; Vivo and Escola São Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil and W2 in Vancouver, Canada for the inaugural FutureEverything Festival 2010 in Manchester, UK. Sponsored by NorthernNet and funded by British Council.