I’d Hide You was the premiere of an online game of stealth, cunning and adventure like no other, a new commission for The Space initiative from the BBC/ACE in partnership with FutureEverything. It was developed by Blast Theory with support from Somethin’ Else and the University of Nottingham.

The project allowed participants to log in and jump onboard with a team of runners live from the streets of Manchester during the FutureEverything festival. The world was seen through their eyes as they streamed video: ducking and diving, chatting to passersby, taking you down the back alleys in urban exploration.

Each night teams of runners in illuminated suits roamed the city trying to film each other. As they duck out of the shadows they film the nightlife, streaming the images onto the web. Click on a runner and you had the ability to ride onboard with them. The audience saw what they saw, heard what they heard. A snap button was there for the audience to grab a freeze frame at any time. Snapping a runner onscreen scored a point, but get snapped by someone else and you lost a life.